A fictitious office tower is to be converted into an apartment building with six different types of apartments including a penthouse. The structure of the building is simple: The skeleton consists of a core of elevators and emergency staircases surrounded by floors and columns. All six apartments are designed in a loft concept with flowing spaces. The design wants to emphasize the dilemma between the lifestyle of the urban nomad and the fixed nature of the estate.
The penthouse best illustrates this, where the loft concept has been taken to the extreme. The existing structure is left untouched, with wiring and plumbing showing on the bare concrete construction. The added interior elements however, show a high degree of sophistication. The clay walls act as a passive air conditioning system keeping humidity and temperature constant. The cocos carpets indicate the comfortable zones like the seating and sleeping areas.
The kitchen and bathroom are pieces of fixed furniture rather than rooms built into the structure. In these utility areas, the contrast with the existing structure is the most extreme. The copper plumbing and gas piping – considered part of the building’s structure - are led along the furniture, without being fixed to it. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are constructed of stacked plywood panels.

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