client: stroom den haag
location: the hague, the netherlands
program: interior
status: completed 2012
in collaboration with thomas heyer

The lobby of Stroom*- also known as the InLoop/EnTry - is intended as a three-dimensional journal with short features, spotlights and references.

It is an important place as it is here that all the centre’s artistic and architectural aspects merge and where people become acquainted with Stroom’s various activities.
The Stroom program is dynamic which means in turn that the lobby is in a constant state of flux.

Despite its relatively small surface area the lobby is a vital source of information. As so much takes place in such a small area it can often appear unsurveyable to many people. This makes the accessibility threshold of Stroom higher than it need be.
Everyone is welcome; however this isn’t the message that’s coming across.

Whilst we were working on the Expanded Performance project the idea was formulated to also tackle the lobby area within the context of this program experiment. As a result, and as part of Expanded Performance, we have come up with a new design for the entrance area.

By looking at the lobby’s functionality from a new perspective we have developed a lively and dynamic space where the emphasis rests on the visitor’s experience, starting from the street right through to the heart of the building.