This first year assignment was to create a small student studio on a 2.5 m x 5 m parking place on the quayside of Scheveningen docks in The Hague. The brief allowed the architect to build a structure standing on the parking space and use a two story structure with the same areal dimensions hovering over the water, giving a total of 37.5 m2 to realize the given requirements: a working space; a kitchen(ette); a bathroom; a bed(room) and a wardrobe.
The entrance to the studio is on the 25 m2 top level in three otherwise blind walls, whereas the side facing the sea consists largely of glass. This allows the occupant maximum privacy but still a light and comfortable environment. The top floor contains a large table to work on, a kitchenette and two benches. The 12.5 m2 lower level is reached by steps in the walls. One side houses the bathroom, the other side the wardrobe. A box bed on top of large drawers containing the
occupant’s clothes and other belongings occupies the center of the lower level.
The materials refer to the studio’s industrial surroundings. The shell is cladded with Corten slabs. The concrete interior is softened by the use of white oak furniture.

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