To relieve the area around the central station of heavy traffic, one of the busiest motorways of The Hague has been replaced by a tunnel. The area covering the tunnel has created a natural link between the existing Koekamp park and the narrow park adjacent to the canal. The city council has decided to activate the area by projecting a tearoom in the narrow strip of grass along the canal.
The former transformer station, the current transformer
station and the existing trees must form an integral part of the plan. The tearoom has to facilitate around 350 guests, with one third of the capacity indoors.
For this design, the former transformer station with its copper cladded roof has been converted into the bar and counter. Along the short ends of the transformer station, two entrances lead into the newly built tearoom. The building is a concrete box with daylight entering through many passages in the wall
between the inner tearoom and the courtyard. The enclosed courtyard gives the visitor a view on the city through a large window. A pergola roofs part of the courtyard, where the outside bar serves the outside spaces. A ramp leads down to the canal and the second terrace, where cut-outs in the pergola allow for the trees.

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